The FAD Smile Makeover is a wonderful experience where Dr Heimke will have a Personalized Smile Consultation with the patient a nd present the plan of treatment with fees.

Once treatment is accepted, Diagnostic Records, a nd Smile Designing is finalized. Dr. Heimke does what few do a nd that is, he Teams with a Master Lab Ceramist, a nd they both will do a private “Live” video web consult to identify your specific goals for your New Smile.

He will also use Digtial Smile Design DSD technology, to show you how the Smile may appear. Dr. Heimke uses different External a nd Internal Design elements such as Face Shape, Face/Lip Dynamics, Age, Skin Tone, Photography a nd Video.

Then moving inward use gum characteristics, tooth size, tooth colorization, a nd how Light interacts with the Teeth. The result is a Smile Customized to You, a nd It can be “Your Passport to All the Best, Life has to Offer”.