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The Importance of a Fabulous Smile

February 26, 2007
To Whom It May Concern:

From the moment you walk into the office of Dr. Heimke, you are treated as royalty. The aesthetic beauty of the office creates an immediate calming atmosphere. You realize this is not your typical dentist’s office. Then you meet the staff. Every single member of the staff treats you as one of the family. They truly want to get to know you and make this dental experience the absolute best you’ve ever had. They make sure you are totally comfortable whether it’s through the hot towels, water bar, TV, most relaxing dental chaise, or conversation.

Dr. Heimke and I discussed my reasons for being there–what I wanted for my smile, teeth, and general overall health. I considered this a holistic approach of dentistry. I wasn’t there just for my teeth. How exciting it is to have someone genuinely care about your well being.
I chose Dr. Heimke because I wanted the best. I read about him in magazines, heard about him repeatedly on the radio, and saw him on TV. I drive almost an hour one way to get to their office. Again, I wanted the best and that’s what I told Dr. Heimke.

Dr. Heimke took pictures of my face and teeth and then through computer imaging, we were able to look at the shape of my face, decide what color would be best because of my age, etc. and determine the size my teeth should be. This was a joint decision-making process.
We discussed financial options, and I was on my way to getting the beautiful smile I had always dreamed of.
By getting my top teeth done first, I could have decided to wait awhile to get the bottom teeth done. However, the whole procedure was so easy and painless I decided to go forward with my bottom teeth immediately. Dr. Heimke gave me his cell number so that if I experienced any discomfort or problems whatsoever, I was to call him.

I can tell you that as a retired educator, the thing that impresses me the most with Dr. Heimke, is the fact he do not rest on their laurels and accolades. They are constantly striving for the most up-to-date learning, training, retraining, and teaching possible in the field of oral health. Dr. Heimke understands the process completely because he has undergone the exact procedures. This summer they will be introducing a new procedure to test for oral cancers. I know this fact because as a patient, Dr. Heimke keeps me informed. Their background and credentials are top of the line and that’s who I want on my team! Wouldn’t you?

Brenda J. Harvey

Client Testimonial:
September 30, 2005

Dear Dr. Heimke,

I just wanted to write and express my sincere gratefulness for giving me a beautiful smile. I have spent my entire life with bad teeth, which meant I never really smiled for fear that someone would see them.

You and your staff made me feel very special and took extremely good care of me. Excellent service is very rare today, but your office has not forgotten how important that is.

Not only do I smile now on a regular basis, my self confidence has improved a lot. I had lost some of my self confidence when I lost my husband 4 years ago, but now it´s back. I thank you for helping me to find my confidence again.
Every time I see someone who I haven´t seen for awhile, they immediately notice, and of course I tell them what I had done and about you and your staff.

I will always be grateful to you for fulfilling my dream of having beautiful teeth, and for the first time in my life I enjoy going to the dentist and taking care of them.

Karen Pullins